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顶 Avril Lavinge。

welcome to the new Got to live right just stay in line You've heard it all at least a million times And like me you believed it They said it wasn't works But trying harder wouldn't hurt It sounds so crazy now But back then you ...

Welcome to join us 欢迎加入我们 Welcome to join us 欢迎加入我们


Welcome to join us这句正确。 翻译:欢迎加入我们。

you are welcome to join us 欢迎你加入我们的行列

We,English Club,are recruiting new members.Those with a keen love for English may join us on great trip to the world of English. Our Club is a 20 years old student organization in our school,which has been very popular among st...

Thank you,I am glad to be a member. 谢谢你,我很高兴成为其中一员。 其实我也不懂怎么答,不过真的,光是笑笑的话,老外不明白的。

I am a college student and I will graduate this year. When the relatives see me, they will ask me about the job. In their eyes, I can find a good job and earn a lot of money. They have the high expectation on me. Many students ...

welcome 后面一般是不跟动名词的哈~ 正确的搭配应该是: welcome to join the family 顺便一提,welcome有特殊的用法 welcome back 这里不用不定式 有问题继续问 希望能够帮到楼主哈 望楼主采纳

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