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sorry to DisturB you

Thank you for reading this email. Sorry to disturb you again. I have never received any invitation before and I do not want to miss this ...

如果就在上述两个选 那么选Sorry to truble you 但是,用“ I beg your pardon”.和“ excuse me”更好

sorry to disturb you 对不起打扰你了 双语对照 例句: 1. Sorry to disturb you. Im major renner! 抱歉打扰到你.我是雷奈少校! 2. Sorry to disturb you, miss.fresh flowers. 对不起打扰了小姐需要鲜花吗?

It was okay. You had not disturbed me but cheer me up instead anyways.


I am sorry to interrupr your holiday, and I want to know if my visa is ready. Because I will move out from my appartement, so I'm ...

Dear Sir (或Madam), I am sorry for taking the liberty to disturb you. I'm xxx, a grade-2013 student majoring in folklore in the School ...

but 表达转折 我打扰你了我得道歉,可是我还是要求唠会。

都是对的,但是第一个好点 英文中有个句子叫 Don't trouble trouble until trouble troubles you .别自找麻烦 用的都是trouble 所以第一个好点

I'm so sorry,please forgive me for me to disturb you so long, then,I will not do that again.....

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