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sorry to DisturB you

Thank you for reading this email. Sorry to disturb you again. I have never received any invitation before and I do not want to miss this ...

sorry to disturb you 对不起打扰你了 双语对照 例句: 1. Sorry to disturb you. Im major renner! 抱歉打扰到你.我是雷奈少校! 2. Sorry to disturb you, miss.fresh flowers. 对不起打扰了小姐需要鲜花吗?

首先原句应更正为:I’d better not disturb you.或者I better not to disturb you。 当对方对你说这句话时,可以回答:So sorry I have to run right now,I will give you a call when it's be done.Promise.

It was okay. You had not disturbed me but cheer me up instead anyways.

如果就在上述两个选 那么选Sorry to truble you 但是,用“ I beg your pardon”.和“ excuse me”更好

对不起打扰你了 不明白可以追问我,满意的话请点击【采纳】

I am sorry to disturb you on your holidays. I would like to know if my visa (extension) is ready. As I will be vacating my apartment soon, I'...

Dear Mr. Smith, I am very sorry to disturb you but it is my great honor to invite you to present our reception conference which will be ...


I'm sorry to disturb you during the holiday

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