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过来加入我们 双语对照 例句: 1. You two come and join us! 你们俩过来加入我们! 2. He has to toughen up. Come and join us! 他必须锻炼自己.来加入我们吧!

可以这么说,是口语。用法见《牛津高阶英汉双解词典》come的用法1:在英语口语中表示目的或告诉某人如何做时,come可与and加上另一动词使用,而不用to和动词不定式,and有时被省掉,尤其是在美国英语中。 eg. Come have your dinner.

come and join us 快来加入我们 双语对照 词典结果: 网络释义 1. 来加入我们 例句: 1. Come and join us as a writer. 来加入我们,做一名作家。

你好! come and join us 来加入我们

comeandjoinus是什么意思 come and join us 意思是:来,加入我们。 come的意思是来 join的意思是加入

后者错。 Come and join us=Come to join us

just come and join us 快来加入我们 双语对照 例句: 1. You two come and join us! 你们俩过来加入我们! 2. Don't be shy! Just try! Come and join us. 别害羞,大胆尝试,加入我们的活动吧!


One way to handle this dilemma is to consciously make time for a meeting of the minds within our psyche. This can be done as a guided meditation or as a journaling exercise. In both we can summon the many fragments that make up...

join us Join Us 加入我们(专辑名)

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